Tuesday, January 27, 2009

View of Doctor and the Patient

View of Doctor and the Patient

Operation is one of the routine thing like taking tea, riding vehicle for a Doctor. Some time he can't able to drive which leads to permanent problem in vehicle which will persist for lifetime of vehicle . But for the doctor, it is temprory one. It can able to rectify it next time. But for vehicle......it is permanent one and can't be rolled back(life long).

Same thing is for operation. Some times he can do it better but some time he can't able to do it well. For Doctors, the operation is nothing more than the count which is to be added either in sucess or failure. But for the patient.... that operation is the result of life. If it is success then only he can think about family, friends or life etc., otherwise family will think of how to claim his insurances.
( This is my own view . Just an example. Doctor don't take it otherway)

M.senthil Kumar

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