Saturday, September 1, 2012


Travelling Allowance Bill Claim of Hanuman

After the Lanka War, Hanuman submitted his TA Bill for his tour to pick up the Sanjevani booti.

The Dealing Assistant in the TA Section raised 3 objections as under:

a) Hanuman did not take permission of King Bharat for undertaking the tour;
b) Hanuman being a Group 'C' official was not entitled to Air Travel; and,
c) Hanuman was asked to carry a plant, but instead carried the whole mountain. Hence claim for excess baggage not acceptable.

When Hanuman invited Ram's attention to the above, he stated that he could do nothing since the queries raised were as per rule. However, seeing the plight of Hanuman, Lakshman offered to speak to the dealing assistant. Lakshman spoke to the dealing assistant and offered him 10% of the TA Bill.

Now the dealing assistant wrote on file:

'Re-examined. Since Bharat was ruling as a representative of Ram, and, since Hanuman had gone on official work under directions of Ram, these directions would not only suffice, but would also constitute permission to utilize non-entitled class of travel. The excess baggage is justified as Hanuman being a Group 'C' official might not have been able to properly identify the proper plant, and, bringing the wrong plant would have entailed multiple journeys, thereby increasing expenditure from the exchequer. Accordingly, the claim, as submitted, may be passed."

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